Boss your business trip with these 3 services

By Oliver Smith 27 July 2016
Btrfly is helping business travellers make the most of time spent at the airport.

All-you-can-eat travel, a digital concierge for your luggage, and a social network for planes.

Once the jet-setting glamour wears off, business trips are no fun.

Hours spent waiting in airports, weeks living in hotel rooms, and all the time living out of a suitcase.

Surely there has to be a better way? There is, these three businesses are on a mission to make business travel better, by fixing three of its biggest problems.

Dufl – travel, without bags

Ask anyone what their greatest bugbear of travelling is, business trips or otherwise, and the experience of lugging luggage through the airport will surely be the first thing they mention.

Andrea Graziani told The Memo that she co-founded Dufl as a virtual closet for business travellers to solve exactly that problem.

Dufl will store your business clothes and make them available at a tap of an app.

Open up your virtual closet, pick the jackets, trousers, suits, etc, that you want, and have them shipped ahead of your arrival to your hotel room in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, or wherever you’re off to. Once you’re done, Dufl will collect the clothes from your hotel and put them back into storage, dry cleaning them first.

“Some of our customers have over 250 items in their closets, using Dufl for back to back trips, or staggering Dufl suitcases over a long trip so that a new suitcase full of clean clothes arrives mid-trip,” says Graziani.

“But Dufl users (American and European alike) all want the same things – they want to save time and avoid some of the hassles of frequent travel.”

“They love having their clothes cared for, their bags neatly packed and the ability to breeze through the airport with as little as a laptop bag and have their clothes meet them at their hotel.”

Dufl is $9.95 a month for a virtual closet, and $99 per round trip (including shipping and cleaning).

Btrfly – the social network for planes

There’s nothing worse than wasting time at an airport, now with Btrfly that time won’t be wasted.

“There is nothing glamorous about living in an airport except if you can get something out of it,” Btrfly CEO Cenk Gurz told The Memo.

“The idea for btrfly came from the realization that increasing the ability of air travellers to connect could be really powerful.”

Indeed Gurz and his team, based at The Trampery’s TravelTech Lab in London, turn every flight into a prime networking opportunity. Log into Btrfly, register the flight you’re on and see all the other business travellers on your flight.

You’ll be networking around the in-flight bar or the luggage carousel (unless you’re using Dufl) in no time.

Enterprising users have even used the app to share their access to business lounges, find people heading to the same events or conferences as them, and share a taxi from the airport.

Now that’s winning at business travel.

Btrfly is free on the App Store for iPhone.

You could soon soar in a Surf Air jet.

Surf Air – all-you-can-fly

We spoke to Surf Air‘s European boss Simon Talling-Smith recently, he’s rolling out a membership travel club giving frequent business fliers unlimited travel across the continent.

And it sounds excellent.

“If you’re a business traveller and you make a 90 minute flight every week, that journey is probably taking you six hours by the time you’ve waited at the airport, waited to take off and gone through passport control again and again.”

With Surf Air that becomes a thing of the past as you join an exclusive club of travellers paying £2,500 per month for this micro-airline currently covering London, Cannes, Geneva and Zurich.

Surf Air starts at £2,500 per month, with a £1,000 signup fee.