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By Alex Wood 15 July 2016
The short of it

The best 5 minutes you'll spend.

While we’ve loved getting The Memo on its feet and your heartwarming messages of support have spurred us on, we’d like to hear more of your thoughts on how we could be even better.

We don’t just want to meet your expectations, we aim to surpass them. To do that we need to know what you think we’ve got right, and more importantly, if there’s anything we could do better.

We’re listening

Is there a story that we haven’t covered?

Would you like us to readdress the balance of our business, innovation, culture and video? What about our social media? Are our posts engaging and drawing you to the best content, or is there something you’d like us to try?

We’d be very grateful if you could give us a hand by filling in our reader survey.

The Memo team celebrating their recent Online Media Award.

We’ll keep all your valuable data anonymous. You already get too many emails, so we won’t use your details to send you spam.

By giving us your feedback you can help us to ensure that The Memo becomes the publication you want it to be.

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