How a simple coffee app saved Lloyds bank 10,000 days of work

By Oliver Smith 14 July 2016

Killing queues and saving you thousands of hours in the process, it's a win-win.

It’s said the average Brit spends 24 minutes a day making tea, that’s 190 days of your life and a cost of thousands of pounds for your employer.

But can your coffee break be more productive?

Lloyds bank figured out a solution with the help of Vaidas Adomauskas and his business WoraPay.

Vaidas Adomauskas, co-founder and CEO of WoraPay.

Meet WoraPay

WoraPay is simple – it’s a mobile app that pulls a coffee shop’s menu and prices together, and lets you order and pay from your desk – but the results have been dramatic, says Adomauskas.

“More than 60,000 cups of hot drinks were ordered on mobile and more than 2,200 hours were saved for Lloyds Banking staff from standing in the queue so far.”

Over the course of a year that’s a huge 10,200 days of work, a figure that is set to soar once the app if rolled out further.

“WoraPay is now used at 9 [Lloyds] sites that run 12 cafeterias, and we are finalising the rollout to all Lloyds banking group cafeterias by the end of the summer,” says Adomauskas.

Big business

It’s no surprise that queue-jumping apps are becoming big business, they’re not just time-savers, they’re boosting businesses too.

Adomauskas also says that Gather & Gather, the coffee chain which operates in Lloyds offices, has seen an uptick in sales.

WoraPay isn’t alone in this space, last year Starbucks rolled out its own queue-jumping app to try and kill queues in its coffee houses, and a host of smaller apps are trying to do the same.

Who doesn’t want a quick coffee?