Dream on the job in this new improved sleep pod

By Kitty Knowles 8 July 2016

Coming to an office near you.

The 60 hour work week is dying, and Arianna Huffington wasn’t wrong when she said we need to sleep our way to the top.

Smart businesses are encouraging staff to be mindful, and even sometimes paying their staff to get good rest.

Now, one company has gone to greater lengths than ever before to help you sleep on the job.

Energypods in Germany. Pic: MetroNaps.

MetroNaps joins forces with Pzizz

MetroNaps has been working on perfecting futuristic sleep pods for over a decade.

Today, the company’s comfy EnergyPod recliner can already been found in the offices of Google, Huffington Post, Zappos, PWC, Randstad, Mercedes, NASA, Virgin Active and the University of Miami.

When you climb in, the chair tilts backward to let you escape the pressures of work underneath the pivacy of a round visor.

And this week, MetroNaps has announced a new partnership with Pizizz – the company once loved by Steve Jobs, that’s making a comeback with a fantastic all-new app.

“MetroNaps has been really good at giving employees great rest,” Pzizz CEO Rockwell Shah told The Memo.

“Now we’re taking the audio experience of the pods to the next level, and allowing employees to take that experience home with the Pzizz app.”

Would you like a lie down on this Energypod? Pic: Metronaps.

A dream come true?

Before the new partnership, EnergyPods featured general relaxation tracks, but nothing nearly as sophisticated as what Pzizz offers.

“One minute you’ll feel like you’re floating around the sun, the next minute you might feel like you’re sitting by a very restful peaceful river, the next minute you feel like you’re in some sort of abstract harp classical space,” says Shah.

Some tracks also feature a soothing voice, and you can easily switch between options before drifting off for 20 minutes and waking up feeling refreshed.

The Memo tries the new improved EnergyPod

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience that started with clambering into the dentist-like chair and placing your feet up.

Once you slide the globe shut, daylight is only visible at the bottom of your peripheral view, and the EnergyPod is really very cosy – especially once you pop in a specially-designed lumbar cushion to support your lower back.

Easy to control from a panel on the armrest, you can pick your nap soundtrack, select your ideal nap length – and importantly – adjust the tilt of the chair (we found feet up super high feels the best).

Then all you need to do is pop on a pair of Jabra headphones, and press a green ‘go’ button.

I’ve loved Pzizz since I first tried it earlier this year. The voice tracks are a particularly calming distraction from the stress of the day, and you practically melt into the chair as the ambient sounds surround you.

Time slows, and when you’re woken, 20-minutes feels like a lifetime.

The idea of taking a nap at work might seem odd at first, but you really do feel revived afterward – and more ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Just had a delightful 20 mins @energypod nap at work thanks to #pzizz. #sleepingonthejob ? ??

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The future

Admittedly, it’s unsurprising that people enjoy lying down in a ridiculously comfortable chair to listen to lovely sounds.

But pods like these could really be the future.

Companies that have bought into the MetroNaps ethos aren’t just doing it to make their employees feel good: they’re doing it because sleep pods make sounds business sense.

“Companies are seeing an incredible [return] in investing on sleep for their workers,” said Shah.

“Google doesn’t do things that are fluffy, when they make decisions they base them predominantly on data – and they are Metronaps biggest customer,” he adds.

For Shah though, the motivation behind the project is personal.

“More than anything I want people to feel like they’re having a magical sleep experience,” he says.

After this week’s snooze, we’d say ‘mission complete’.

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