Barclays launches its bizarre Android Pay rival

By Oliver Smith 23 June 2016

Stubbornly refusing to support Google's mobile payments app, Barclays has just launched its own.

You might remember that last month Barclays announced it wouldn’t be supporting Google’s Android Pay, but instead would be creating its own mobile payments platform for customers.

At the time we described the decision as “bizarre” and just the latest example of Barclays being hostile to its customers by not supporting industry standards like Android Pay and Apple Pay.

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Today ‘Contactless Mobile’, the name for Barclays’ system, has launched.

Contactless Mobile

If you’re an Android smartphone user and a Barclays account holder you can launch their mobile banking app (which we rated as the best mobile banking app in our Great British Mobile Banking Review 2016) and tap on ‘Contactless Mobile’.

But is Contactless Mobile any good? Early reports seem promising:



But some people are still annoyed that the bank isn’t supporting the Android Pay feature that is built into their smartphones:


We hope they come to their senses and do the right thing by supporting Android Pay (like they eventually did with Apple Pay).