One in 10 Brits now work from home, and they’re raking in the cash

By Oliver Smith 3 June 2016

Forget suits and desks, think sofas and pyjamas.

It’s not just the dress codes of modern offices that are changing, now millions of us aren’t even bothering to go into the office anymore.

Today one in 10 British workers now works full-time from home, that’s 4.2m people.

Forget suits and desks, think sofas and pyjamas. For these millions are lounging in the best work environment there is, their own living rooms.

And these figures doesn’t even count people who work a few days from home each week.

Britain’s pyjama workforce is now at an all-time high, up from the 2.9m people that worked from home in 1998 when records began, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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A workplace revolution?

But before you get excited about becoming one of the millions of Brits working from home, sadly the figures do disguise the reality of what’s happening.

While giving employees the option to work from home, or outside of the office, is growing in popularity, the majority of people today who are working from home are actually self-employed.

In 2014 the ONS found that, of the millions working full-time from home, 63% were self-employed while just 34% worked for a business.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as at home workers tend to be higher skilled than the average British worker and as such their average hourly pay is £13.23 compared to £10.50 for everyone else.

Work at home and maybe get paid more, sounds like a win-win to us.