Women in London: Don’t miss out on this £8,000 coding scholarship

By Kitty Knowles 3 June 2016

Makers Academy is offering six free spots on its coding course because "there are not nearly enough women working in technology".

You may already now about the rise of global coding classes like General Assembly, Decoded and Codecademy.

In our new digital world, people are signing up in droves to learn new skills to fill the increasing number of jobs in the sector.

This is all great, but one thing is wrong, and it’s holding everyone back: There are not enough women in coding.

Women in Coding at the Makers Academy in Commercial Street London. Pic: Matthew Power Photography

Win an £8,000 grant

That’s why technology consultancy ThoughtWorks has teamed up with London developers bootcamp Makers Academy, to offer six fully-paid scholarships.

The 16-week programme will give students the opportunity to learn the skills they need for a career in technology – with the potential of a position at ThoughtWorks at the end of it all.

Applicants will need to commit 3 months full time to the course from either 15th August 2016 or 26th September 2016.

Women in Coding at the Makers Academy in Commercial Street London. Pic: Matthew Power Photography

It’s important that women are supported to achieve their dreams

It should go without saying that women and men deserve equal chances to fulfil their career ambitions, but a combination of factors – including bias and sexism within the industry – is putting women off.

“There are not nearly enough women working in technology,” Evgeny Shadchnev, Co-founder and CEO of Makers Academy, told The Memo.

“This is a problem for those women who could have interesting, creative, well-paid jobs in tech, and it’s a problem for the industry because there are not nearly enough software developers,” he explained.

“Diverse teams – in terms of gender, age, cultural background – perform better overall,” he added.

“This lack of diversity really prevents the industry from growing and thriving.”

Working towards progress

Makers Academy has actually offered a discount for female applicants since it launched in 2013, and Shadchnev has called on other coding schools to follow suit.

“I really hope that other companies will follow Makers Academy and ThoughtWorks’ example and do their bit to help more women become software developers,” he said.

“It won’t fix the diversity crisis but it’s a step towards it.”

Register for the Women in Tech Scholarship here  

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