McDonald’s to serve up Samsung Galaxy tablets with your fries

By Kitty Knowles 20 April 2016

The new partnership will allow greasy-fingered fast food fans to game away in restaurants.

The next time you step under the Golden Arches you might find more gadgetry than you’d expect.

McDonald’s has just announced a rollout of Samsung Galaxy tablets in UK restaurants following a new partnership with mobile firm SOTI.

This means you’ll soon be able to get to grips with in-store games, use social media, and browse the web, as part of the chain’s ambition to provide the ‘Experience of the Future’ for its customers.

While the exact number of tablets has not yet been confirmed, SOTI says that tablets will be stocked in “the majority” of McDonald’s outlets across the UK.

Given that the chain owns over 1,249 restaurants, we can assume that the outlet will be putting thousands of tablets in the hands of its customers.

“Technology has an important role to play in all walks of life, including our customers’ eating out experience, so the changes we’re making as part of the ‘Experience of the Future’ programme bring us closer to the way people live their lives today ,” said Doug Baker,Head of IT Restaurant Solutions and Service at McDonald’s UK.

“Innovations such as tablets help provide this experience and have been extremely popular with customers.”

The wider trend

It might sound frivolous, but the McDonald’s rollout follows a ‘successful trial’ in 2015, and may well pay off in the long run.

A recent study, shows that 70% of consumers feel retailers are providing a superior customer service by providing in-store mobile technology.

Nassar Hussain, Managing Director Europe and South Africa at SOTI said that the new rollout reflects “the increasing trend toward retailers utilising modern technologies to provide differentiated, personalised customer experiences” with a focus on “access not ownership”.

Indeed, McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food chain that’s been experimenting with in-store gadgetry. Last year, we reported how KFC solved a very modern problem with it’s Bluetooth tray.

Whether it’s a Bluetooth bucket, or greasy-fingered gaming, technology is coming to a fast food restaurant near you.