Sharing Economy

10 apps vying to be the Uber of beauty

By Kitty Knowles 11 April 2016

These app-lead companies want to bring beauty to your door. Midday manicure anyone?

The Sharing Economy is booming and with new tax breaks, you can bet that the £500m industry will continue to grow.

Whether you’re booking a spare room on Airbnb or catching an Uber, it’s never been easier to pay for services from your phone – you can even order a massage with Urban Massage.

It was only a matter of time before the beauty industry caught on, and recent years have seen a growing number of new businesses offering services like on-demand manicures, make-up or hair treatments.

Many have blossomed in the world’s top sharing economy cities, San Francisco and New York, but global competition is on the up. Zeebba debuted in London just a few months ago joining LeSalon, founded in 2015, and Prettly, which launched at the end of 2014.

“On-demand has never been a bigger part of our life,” LeSalon founder Natasha Pilbrow told The Memo. “When we want a cab, we tap a button and an Uber is on the way in minutes. With us, in a few taps you can book a manicure and have a professional on their way to you wherever you are.”

“In general, people in urban cities such as London are time-poor,” Prettly founder Rhea Papanicolaou-Frangista added. “We’ve all come to expect such convenience, from everything from food delivery to cars.”

“Beauty is another sector that is completely ready to evolve via app-based tech solutions.”

Anyone fancy swapping manic Monday for manicure Monday?

Try one of these 10 companies vying to be the Uber of beauty…

1) Zeebba beauty

Founded by: Roxana Mohammadian-Molina in December 2015
Host cities: London, with plans to expand across the UK in 2017.
Treatments: Hair (styling, cut, updo, Brazilian Keratin Treatment), makeup and makeover, nails (manicures and pedicures), waxing, tanning, facials, eyelashes, eyebrows, massages.
Cheapest treat? Eyebrows, £10.
Priciest treat? Brazilian Keratin Treatment, from £100.
Most popular treat? Hairstyle, £40.

What sets Zeebba apart?

“We offer the widest range of beauty services in London”

“Other apps focus on some services (hair, nails, etc), but don’t offer the wide range of services we offer. Zeebba also has exclusive partnerships with London’s top beauty academies and colleges, where we train and test our future artists, so the client can only expect the best quality of services.”

2) LeSalon

Founded by: Natasha Pilbrow and Jean-Michel Chalayer in February 2015
Host cities: London.
Treatments: Manicures and Pedicures – from classic mani’s using Essie to shellac pedicures plus 5 free manicures with the amazing Nailberry polish. LeSalon have plans to expand into a full range of beauty services.
Cheapest treat? Classic Manicure, £25.
Priciest treat? Shellac mani/pedicure, £70.
Most popular treat? Shellac manicure, £35.

What sets LeSalon apart?

“We are truly passionate about empowering women.”

“We have a female founder who’s mission is to make women’s lives easier. Many of our professionals are mums, and our freelance model enables them to choose the hours and days they want to work, around the needs of their families. We are passionate about furthering their careers and hold social media lessons & CV workshops so they can really promote themselves.”

3) Prettly

Founded by: Rhea Papanicolaou-Frangista and Farrah Hamid in November 2014, but the Prettly app is not launching until Summer 2016.
Host cities: London (zones 1-3), with plans to expand across the UK in the coming years.
Treatments? We currently offer nails (manicures & pedicures), hair-styling (blow dries & updos) and makeup services (express and full service).
Cheapest treat? Classic Manicure, £25.
Priciest treat? Hair Up & Evening Look Makeup Combo, £75.
Most popular treat? Classic Mani/Pedi, £50.

What sets Prettly apart?

“Compared to the others, there’s no choice overload.”

Prettly offer a simple but classic menu, making choosing and booking extremely easy. Our brand has become a favourite among our core group of customers, largely in the Kensington & Chelsea area but spreading rapidly.”

4) Priv

Founded by: Joseph Terzi & Courtney Jerden in March 2014.
Host cities: London, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, with plans to roll out in new cities in 2016.
Treatments? Everything Beauty and Wellness – Makeup, Nails, Hairstyling (Blowouts), Fitness, Massage, Mens Grooming, Spray Tan.
Cheapest treat? Manicure, $45 (£32), but we also have economical add-ons such as brow shaping, $40 (£28).
Priciest treat? Eyelash extensions, $150-$250 (£106-£177).
Most popular treat? A tie between Manicure and Blowouts, both from around $50 (£35).

What sets Priv apart?

“We are the only app in our category to cater to Beauty and Wellness, a natural pairing.”

“Our relationships with our service professionals are another key quality that sets us apart and Priv has the most comprehensive on-boarding process of any beauty app. Clients can delve into each professionals portfolio, past reviews, and personal bios so that they can really tailor their order to what they like and who they love.”

5) The Glam App

Founded by: Actress Cara Santana and Celebrity hair and make up artist Joey Maalouf in September 2014 (the app launched in February 2015).
Host cities: London, Los Angeles, OC, NYC, New Jersey, Miami, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Franscico, Dallas, Detroit, Minneapolis, San Diego, Washington DC,Boston, Nashville, Phoneix, Houston, Salt Lake City and Lousiville. Further expansion planned for 2017-2018.
Treatments? Hair styling, Make up application and nail treatments.
Cheapest treat? Polish change, $25 (£18).
Priciest treat? VIP stylist hair styling, $100 (£71).
Most popular treat? Hair blowout, $50 (£35).

What sets The Glam App apart?

“We work as virtual stylists.”

“At The Glam App, we work as virtual stylists for our artists and consumers. The modern woman is working 60 hours a week or a full time mum. With less time for themselves, they need the convenience of having a luxurious and affordable service brought to them.”

6) beGlammed

Founded by: Maile Pacheco in May 2014
Host cities: Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Orange County, San Diego, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Nashville, Orlando, Atlanta and Toronto. Expanding to Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, and Vancouver in 2016.
Treatments? Services include hair (blowouts, dry style, updo), makeup (full application, airbrush, touchups and group touchups) and bridal hair and makeup.
Cheapest treat? Blowout or dry style, $40 (£28), and add-ons like makeup touchups for $25 (£18).
Priciest treat? Bridal makeup $350 (£248).
Most popular treat? blowout or dry style.

What sets beGlammed apart?

“Our dedicated team of more than 900 professional stylists and our presence in 20 markets in North America.”

“Many of our clients look to beGlammed for weekly hair and makeup maintenance; whether it’s a weekly blowout or a special occasion such as prom, a holiday, or a wedding. Our clients can upload a photo of their hair and makeup inspiration directly to our website so our stylists can achieve the desired look.”

7) Stylebee

Founded by: Anna Santeramo in January 2014
Host cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Scottsdale. Expanding to Boston, Washington DC, Miami in 2016/2017.
Treatments? blowouts, updos, makeup, men’s cuts; combinations of hair+makeup; add-ons to makeup services include lashes and airbrushing
Cheapest treat? Blowout, $50 (£35).
Priciest treat? Updo and Makeup at $170, (£120).
Most popular treat? Blowout.

What sets StyleBee apart?

“Our talented team of professionals and the in-depth vetting and auditioning process they must go through to become a StyleBee pro.”

“We also take great care in matching the best professional to the client request, something many in the space handle differently. We know how important it is to build loyalty both with our clientele, but with our talented team of professionals as well.”

8) Glamsquad

Co-founded by: Alexandra Wilkis Wilson in January 2014
Host cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami. Further US expansion planned.
Treatments? Hair, Makeup, Nails
Cheapest treatment? Manicure, $35 (£25).
Priciest treatment? Hair & Makeup, from $125 (£86).
Most popular treatment? Blowout, from $50 (£35)

What sets Glamsquad apart?

“Glamsquad’s elite independent beauty professionals are the best in the industry.”

“They are carefully vetted to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service possible.”

9) Stylisted

Founded by: Lauren Katzberg & Julia Carmona in June 2013
Host cities: Chicago, NY, LA, Washington DC. with plans to expand into 20+ cities in the next 4 years,
Treatments? Hairstyling and Makeup application
Cheapest treatment? Dry Style, $30 (£21).
Priciest treatment? Bridal Makeup, $650 (£460).
Most popular treatment? Blowouts are very popular, $50-$60 (£35-£42).

What sets Stylisted apart?

“Stylisted is a true marketplace for in-home beauty service delivery.”

“We started Stylisted to address a personal pain point with special event prep. Clients can browse profiles which include photos, reviews, and individual pricing, to select the best stylist for their unique needs.”

10) Vensette

Founded by: Lauren Remington Platt in March 2011
Host cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and the Hamptons
Treatments? Hair and makeup services
Cheapest treat? Blowout, $100 (£71).
Priciest treat? Full-service bridal packages, from $900 (£638).
Most popular treat? VIP hair and makeup service, $300 (£213).

What sets Vênsette apart?

“Vênsette delivers simple luxury.”

“As the first to market in on-demand beauty, Vênsette changed the way women think about beauty. Our core has always been our testing and training philosophy. We only accept less than 10% of artists that apply and put them through a rigorous training session before they are part of the Vênsette team. The level of selectiveness is unlike any other app in our space.”