Britain’s top work perks? ‘Cuddle’ bonuses, staff holidays & cheap pints

By Kitty Knowles 21 March 2016
Holidays and discount pints among UK's top work perks. Pic: iStock/Izabela Habur

Huddle, TransferWise, Airbnb & Skyscanner all have strong perk game. Need any more reasons to work in tech?

Not only is digital one of the most exciting and dynamic fields to work in today, but we already know you could double your salary by working in tech.

Now, as if the deal needed to be sweetened even further, it seems that the sector is also leading the way when it comes to work perks.

This week recruitment firm Glassdoor has used its ‘Benefits Reviews’ to compile a list of British employers that extend their gratitude beyond the typical pensions, healthcare and company cars.

Would you turn down a ‘Huddle Cuddle’?

Surprise surprise, this list is dominated by digital leaders.

Huddle, a cloud collaboration platform for businesses, offers a £5,000 joining bonus it calls a ‘Huddle Cuddle’, as well as a gift to the tune of £500 every year.

The company’s saccharine language might be sickly sweet, but we can’t imagine anyone snubbing such a warm welcome.

Fancy a free holiday?

Forget team building day trips, peer-to-peer money service TransferWise goes above and beyond, taking all staff away on annual, all-expenses paid company holidays.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Airbnb also encourages its staff to live walk the talk by offering each individual $2,000 (£1,413) to travel around the world.

Time off

We think its great that cloud computing company Rackspace offers employees an extra day off for their birthday, but website builders Visualsoft really swings for the win, offering unlimited holiday and unmonitored flexitime.

Flying the flag for Cambridge’s Silicon Fen, ARM Holdings also offers employees a 4-week sabbatical for every 4 years of service (Cambridge games company Jagex also offers free bicycle repairs at the office so you can stay fit and healthy and enjoy your free time more).

It's not just its own employees that Google looks after, the search giant also has a free entrepreneurship scheme for parents in London.

Delicious digital discounts

Search giant Google feeds its employees for free, while Jive Software’s offering includes a free Bacon Thursday and Hot Food Friday, as well as snacks and soft drinks, coffee and beers on tap.

If you fancy a discount pint or a new coat of nail polish, Scotland’s Skyscanner has sorted out discounts for its local pub and beauty salons.

AutoTrader UK sends its employees discounted wine each month through its Wine Club, while ASOS staff with an appetite for fashion get 40% off their purchases.

Something for all the family

Establishing a good work life balance is vital theses days, and digital companies are keen to support your family life.

Software goliath A Technologies is recognised for its on-site Montessori day care facility, while travel website Holiday Extras hires out a cinema every year and offers a free film showing to all employees and their families.

Will you make the move?

According to Glassdoor 34% of us think of benefits and perks are one of the top things to consider before accepting a job.

You now know who’s got you back. Will you be making the move?