Are you unplugging?

By Kitty Knowles 4 March 2016
National Day of unplugging. Pic: iStock/Marco_Piunti

An official Day of Unplugging is taking place - everywhere except the internet.

Do you take your iPad to the beach and miss the waves? Then the impending Day of Unplugging might be for you. Tonight at sunset – wherever you are – join hundreds of people around the world and disconnect for 24 hours.

An extension of the Sabbath Manifesto by Reboot, a Jewish organisation that looks at how to uphold ancient traditions in our digital age, the campaign is “taking place everywhere except the internet”.

Whether you’re Jewish or not, we think a day away from technology sounds like a pretty good idea for everybody.

Ditch digital for a day

According to TIME magazine 84% of people cannot stay away from their phones for longer than a day.

This is an aggrieving stat given that we know from leaders like Kate Unsworth, Andy Puddicombe and Alex Tew that cutting out your phone time can have huge benefits, improving your happiness and even your productivity.

Quitting Facebook for just a week can significantly reduce your rage, and to “observe and be mindful” is one of five scientifically proven ways to better your mental health.

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The half-way house

If you feel you actually can’t live without your phone, there are also plenty of products to help you live better with it. Apps like Calm and Headspace can help you take a moment to centre yourself away from email and internet woes.

There are even clever products that help you filter out communications so you only start buzzing at the dinner table if something is really, really important (like Shammane’s mindful smartwatch, or Vinaya’s stylish jewellery ranges).

Don’t miss out

The prospect of turning off your phone tonight might seem daunting. But instead of streaming Netflix on the bus home, why not look out the window and consider how lovely it is that’s it’s getting light again.

Instead of checking your work emails before bed – you know, just in case – use those five minutes to really think about your friends and your family and consider how lucky you are.

Tomorrow get out, see the world, speak to people in real life. The real world is not Google search. Enjoy the unexpected, you never know what could happen.

Find out more about the Day of Unplugging.

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