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New London business hub brings hardware home

By Kitty Knowles 3 March 2016
Startupbootbamp, Internet of Things, connected devices accelerator launches in London. Pic: iStock

Budding smart home, smart city & wearable companies to connect in the capital as London's first 'Internet of Things' business accelerator opens.

London may be the tech capital of Europe, but we’re usually equated with software.

We’re well-known, for example, as a fintech hub where giants like Mondo, TransferWise and Tandem blossom, for pocket doctor services like Babylon, dating apps like 3nder, and education platforms like Gojimo.

Now however, hardware is coming home.

The ‘Internet of Things’ connects in London

Renowned London business accelerator Startupbootcamp has just announced a new ‘Internet of Things’ programme (for the development of objects that connect to the internet).

Founded and led by Raph Crouan, Startupbootcamp IoT: Connected Devices will unite the brightest minds in the industry, with big names like Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino – the creator of the Good Night Lamp – already on board as mentors.

The internet-connected Good Night Lamp.
The internet-connected Good Night Lamp.

A blossoming industry

The timing is certainly right for the new programme, as the IoT industry is predicted to contain between 20 and 30bn connected devices by 2020.

“Over the past 18 months we have worked closely with a number of small and large companies in this space [and] it has become apparent that a dedicated IoT accelerator is needed to help foster the incredible talent we have in Europe, and throughout the world,” said Crouan.

“We want to help these entrepreneurs solve their unique IoT challenges, whilst giving them the perfect platform from which to take their business to the next level.”

Bringing back making

The brand new hub, based at the vast 70,000 sq ft Cocoon Networks lab in east London, will support the creation of new smart home devices, propping up a field where smart lamps and home heating services like Hive or Nest are already proving popular.

The business accelerator will also help entrepreneurs to build wearable products like fitness trackers, smart wear and smart watches, and to follow the likes of Pavegen by embedding smart kit into our streets and physical environments.

There’s even scope  to boost British industry by developing devices for smart factories and smart retail.

Thinking of signing up?

A total of 10 startups will each receive €15,000 when they make it on the three-month programme. Once enrolled they will be supported by sponsors including electronics stalwart Premier Farnell, hardware giants HWTrek and legals teams from MJ Hudson (as well as Startupbootcamp investors).

At the end of the programme enrolees will even get the opportunity to pitch their company to over 250 investors and mentors on a grand finale ‘Demo Day’, set to take place on 7 December 2016.

Expect exciting new products for 2017.

Apply for the Startupbootcamp IoT : Connected Devices program. Applications close June 13th. For further information contact the Startupbootcamp Team at

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