EU Referendum

In or out? “Supercharged” EU poll launches

By Kitty Knowles 1 March 2016

Find out if your team is winning. Then educate yourself with challenging views. 

Overwhelming interest this morning has delayed this EU poll open date. Sign up here to be alerted when the poll officially launches.

A lot has been said about Britain’s future in regards to June’s referendum. At one end of the scale there’s Boris Johnson who last week came out in favour of a ‘Brexit‘, at the other end, tech businesses are keen to reaffirm EU ties.

Today, a new poll has been launch by to track the nation’s feelings throughout this climactic political event.

We asked the ‘EU Referendum by Pollstation‘ co-founder, Cass Horowitz, how he hopes his website will help tackle publishing bias and encourage debate.

A “supercharged” poll

“Our goal is to promote engagement in the subject and we feel the live poll is a great way to do that,” said Horowitz, a freelance journalist who has worked on programmes including the ITV Leaders Debate and the Andrew Marr Show.

“We are looking to supercharge the conventional web poll by boosting the value it has for the user – with features such as being able to track opinion over time, change your vote, and to share live poll results in real-time,” Horowitz told The Memo.

What else is on offer?

The Pollstation website will also feature the latest news, easy-embed infographics and blogs, and will address 10 main categories including topics like Jobs & Trade, Immigration, and Civil Liberties.

“Countless people told us that, although they were interested in the EU debate, they were being put off by the spin and the lack of reliable info on both sides,” said Horowitz.

“Every day we hear differing statistics about the EU, ranging from how much it costs to how many laws it passes. We decided we had to go right back to the source of the information in order to create the most neutral briefing possible,” he said.

Challenger voices

The platform will also showcase exclusive and existing views from influential people surrounding the referendum.

“We hope to grow this over time so people can come and see what position their MP, and others, have taken,” said Horowitz.

“What’s more, every time we make a point that could support the leave or remain arguments we look to include a counter argument for the other side.”

A lot to take in

It might sound like a lot, but “It’s not about reading it all at once,” says Horowitz.

“We hope people will come to us when they’re confused about a particular subject or just want to read up,” he explained. “We are constantly updating so we hope that people will come back to us to keep reading or to add their own thoughts.”

Prepare for a lively debate.