In Pictures: Coded_Couture showcases cutting edge digital fashion

By Kitty Knowles 26 February 2016
Ying Gao. The best fashion tech. Pratt Manhattan Gallery’s CODED_COUTURE.

Coded_Couture: Enter a world of LED dresses, heat-responsive accessories & coded knitwear.

London Fashion Week – with its groundbreaking digital jumpers – may have come to a close, but the world of fashion continues to flourish.

Showcasing everything from heat-activated accessories to digitally designed knitwear, and exhibition called CODED_COUTURE  pulls together a range of designers who think technology is the ultimate design tool.

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“Technology allows designers to explore new dimensions of self-expression,” said Nick Battis, the Director at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York.

“CODED_COUTURE embraces a future with new options to project our uniqueness through fashion.”

See some of our favourite designs below…

Glowing garments

Ying Gao: The designer’s No[Where] / Now [Here] collection includes dresses adorned with photoluminescent thread.

If this wasn’t cool enough, embedded “eye-tracking technology” means that the dresses move when a spectator is staring, and you can control the lights by altering your gaze. 

Skin cell accessories

Amy Congdon: Congdon grows the wearer’s cells which are then used in the construction of bespoke accessories. The end products are created with through traditional textile techniques like embroidery, and high-tech methods like tissue engineering and bio-ink jet printing.

Congdon has also been a tutor at London’s Central St Martins fashion school, where students made these awesome Amoeba trainers, bacteria scarves & drug-dispensing bras

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The electric shock dress

Melissa Coleman: The Holy Dress (created in collaboration with Leonie Smelt and Joachim Rotteveel) punishes its wearer through an electric shock when a lie is told.

Using a speech recognition system, it analyses your voice for porkies which prompt the dress to light up with growing intensity as the likelihood of a lie increases.

Once the dress has determined it’s heard a lie it will fully light up and flicker and deliver a nasty jolt. Shocking stuff. 

Social media skirts

CuteCircuit: Designers Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz have embedded smart textiles and microelectronics into all sorts of garments.

The skirts above feature live Twitter feeds or change colour based on real-time audience input.

Voice-activated pin products

Ying Gao: Gao’s Incertitudes collection includes white garments that are covered with dressmaker pins. These then protrude and move in waves as a reaction to sound. No noisy hugs, please.

Coded knitwear

Alison Tsai: Inspired from her days as a medicine student, Tsai creates codes from anatomy, biology and mathematics. She then uses these to systematically design rather trendy collections of knitwear.

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman

Heart-beat activated wings

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman:  Pailes-Friedman’s BioWear uses a heartbeat monitor technology to tell if the user is calm or excited. This is then programmed to send any of seven distinct wave patterns through the wearer’s feathers. 

CODED_COUTURE will run at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, until April 30, 2016

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