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Hipster specs: New foldable VR glasses channel east London chic

By Kitty Knowles 25 February 2016

Attention all cool kids, vintage-style VR is coming to a trendy town near you.

Did you see the photos of Mark Zuckerberg at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress this week? He was captured striding through a crowd of slightly dishevelled middle-aged men all of whom were sporting his latest virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift.

Suffice to say, this image – which isn’t a far cry from Wall-E’s dystopic floating chair future – hasn’t done much for VR’s street cred.

2VR Stylish specs

Soon though, you could be sporting a pair of virtual reality specs, worthy of a stroll down east London’s Shoreditch High Street.

That’s because there’s a new kid in town: 2VR, created by New York VR company Stimuli, is ringing in a new stylish age of augmented reality, with vintage-look frames that fold away neatly into your pocket.

To use the trendy new getup you simply pop the specs on, extend an additional pair of forward facing arms, and then place a smartphone in front of your face to run the latest VR apps.

2VR by Stimuli. Pic: Stimuli.
2VR by Stimuli. Pic: Stimuli.

Why 2vr?

“We noticed, especially with lower market headsets, we were still missing a beautiful hands free, mobile headset,” says founder Roy Peer, on the product’s Kickstarter page. “This inspired us to create, 2VR, a mobile headset that is beautiful, economical, and fits in your pocket.”

“Being hands-free truly allows you to immerse yourself in the content,” he adds.

However the designer also made it clear that his headset’s sleek design isn’t just for cool kids. “Why isn’t it accessible to everyone, anywhere?” he asks. “We believe it should be.”

Backers can purchase a pair of the specs for just $15, and while you’ll need a smartphone, the company recommends a bunch of experiences you can download from the app store for free.

The 2VR project now has a month to reach its $30,000 target: Hipster VR could be coming to a coffee shop near you.

Watch 2VR’s Kickstarter video…