Would you double your salary by working in tech?

By Oliver Smith 11 February 2016
Nigel Eccles, co-founder Fanduel

Most Brits could earn at least £15,000 extra in a digital role.

Digital jobs will, on average, net you a 36% higher salary than the national average, and in some corners of the country this figure is far higher.

For Cardiff digital jobs advertised pay over £42,000 that’s nearly double the local average £23,184 salary, according to 2016’s Tech Nation report from Tech City UK and innovation charity Nesta.

Meanwhile Britain’s national average salary sits at around £26,500 per annum, far below the average digital wage (£50,000) from any of the 20 towns and cities in the study.

At the same time the sheer number of these better paid digital jobs, whether in digital industries like programming or coding, or bringing technology into non-digital industries, is exploding.

There are now over 1.56m digital jobs in the UK, 80% of which are based outside of London.

“Digital jobs and activity are becoming ever more important in apparently non-digital industries,” said Nesta CEO Geoff Mulgan.

“And it’s why the pay premium is so high, at an average of over £15,000 for digital over non-digital jobs. I hope that parents and teenagers will get the message – that acquiring digital skills pays off, wherever you are.”

Even in inner London, where average salaries are the highest in the country at £34,473 in 2014, digital jobs still boast a 71% pay hike over non-digital, at £58,978 per annum.

While the growth of these jobs isn’t surprising – our entire economy is going digital – the huge premium salary they wield is, and is a great sign both for digitally savvy graduates and the growing numbers of employees learning digital skills.

So could you earn more from a job in digital? Absolutely.

Here’s the full Tech Nation 2016 (PDF) report from Nesta and Tech City UK.