The Art of Building: London’s most beautiful architecture captured

By Oliver Smith 8 February 2016
2015 finalist My Pod by Peter Murrell.

The world’s finest architectural photography on show, from the Tate Modern to Baker Street station.

London played the backdrop for some of the world’s best architectural photography as the winners of the biggest annual photography competition for architecture were announced this morning.

While the Art of Building competition is global, with thousands of people from around the world entering, London dominated the finalists.

With Britain’s capital decked out with modern skyscrapers like The Shard, from Italian architect Renzo Piano, or the more controversial pavement-frying Walkie-Talkie building by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly, it’s not surprising that London was chosen by many of the finalists.

While winning photographer Ata Adnan’s captured Bangladesh in his winning photo, The Daredevil, three of the 12 finalists captured Britain’s capital in their entries.

My Pod, Peter Murrell

2015 Art of Building finalist: My Pod by Peter Murrell

Set in Baker Street underground station, just a stones throw from Sherlock Holmes’s 221B lodgings on the road above, Peter Murrell’s My Pod captures four commuters waiting on the Circle Line.

“This reminds me of telephone boxes,” said Murrell of his photo. “Each person making their use of it.”

Half Life, Nikola Filipov

2015 Art of Building finalist: Half Life by Nikola Filipov.

Nikola Filipov’s Half Life made it into the 12 finalist photos, his low angle, long exposure shot captures star trails flanked by towering buildings in an undisclosed corner of London.

Mr. Fosters Angle, Robert Finch

2015 Art of Building finalist: Mr. Fosters Angle by Robert Finch.

The Millennium Bridge takes centre stage with the Tate Modern’s birch tree garden in Robert Finch’s runner-up photo Mr. Fosters Angle.

“I like the juxtaposition of two linear features,” said Finch.

“The bridge anchors are at a 45-degree angle to the background birch trees standing vertically at Tate Modern.”

The Daredevil, Ata Adnan

2015 Art of Building winner: The Daredevil by Ata Adnan

Winning photo The Daredevil was taken by Ata Adnan, a doctor from Bangladesh. Adnan described his photo from Chittagong, Bangladesh as “an example of the interaction between humans and architecture.”

“When I saw that child suddenly get up on top of the bridge and start to walk on it I wanted to capture the moment as best as I could.”

“I have always liked photographing architecture but particularly with a human element involved.”

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