Work it like a Pineapple Dance Studios instructor with these amazing apps

By Kitty Knowles 25 January 2016
Pineapple Dance Studio teachers show us their fitness apps. Pic: Pineapple Dance Studios.

Is your fitness kick failing? Get back on it with fitness and health apps recommendations from Pineapple Dance Studio teachers.

As January draws out, we bet your well-intended health kick has started to wane, but don’t give up just yet!

We asked dance instructors from London’s world-renowned Pineapple Dance Studios if we could take a peek at their smartphones to find out what apps they use to maintain their fitness pep.

Obviously, we’d recommend you get down to one of their classes for the best exercise experience, but we know that that’s not always possible. Now you can keep fill the gaps using your phone, or working out at home.

See what fitness and health apps Pineapple Dance Studios instructors use outside of class…

Melody Squire, contemporary jazz

American choreographer Melody Squire has been a professional dancer in films and for pop artists including James Blunt, Madonna & Beyoncé. She’s also the founder, choreographer and Artistic Director of Sol Dans Company.

“Although I personally prefer to participate in a class (I enjoy the atmosphere of exercising in a group), it’s not always possible.

“I have a few health and fitness apps on my phone: If you want a quick workout, 7MWC (7-minute workout challenge) is perfect. It tells you which exercise to do whilst a timing you and is good for general fitness.

“I’ve also downloaded yogastudio. I absolutely love the yoga DVD’s from Gaiam and now they have an app where you can take exercises on the go.

“But relaxation is also an important part of health and fitness. I have apps such as Calm, Relax Melodies and Walking Meditations that are great for mindfulness, especially when commuting around London.”

Sevy K's smartphone.

Sevy K, zumba fitness

A graduate of the Brit School of Performing Arts, Sevy K has extensive experience in Latin dance and Zumba. She’s also appeared on TV, and even starred in a World Cup advert teaching world-famous footballer Daniel Sturridge how to Zumba…

“I use lots of apps like Jefit or Runtastic, but the best app for me is MyFitnessPal because you can keep a running log of your progress. You can enter what you eat everyday and set yourself a goal and keep track of what you eat and your calorie intake. It’s good for people who want to watch what they are eating and lose weight.”

“I’m also a member of David Lloyds gym and their app is equally good – it helps me log onto classes, check out what’s going on in my club as well as see my progress – and the iPhone Health app, is another one of my faves.

“It tells you how many steps you take, the distance you cover and how many flights of stairs you climb. It’s good for when you feel like you’ve done nothing all day because a quick look can prove that you haven’t!”

Jenney Surelia's smartphone.

Jenney Surelia, tango

Jenney Surelia is a tango dancer, teacher and DJ with a passion for connected, musical and social dancing.

“I use my iPod touch for all things app, but I integrate these with my fitness routine rather than the other way around.”

“For my mind I use Buddhify. I really like how they’ve made it easy and accessible to meditate. Lots of people think tango is just steps but connecting to your partner to improvise is really what it’s about, and for that you need to clear the mind, focus and concentrate.”

“For my body I mostly use iTunes & Spotify when I run for cardio. There are lots of great playlists for when I’m stretching or fine tuning movements but I listen to my tango playlist as it includes lots of classics.”

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