If these ads don’t make you laugh or cry, you’ve got a heart of stone

By Kitty Knowles 21 January 2016
Digiday Video Awards. Pic: Digiday Video Awards.

From the comical to the 'why-am-I-crying?' Watch our favourite five winners from last night's Digiday Video Awards.

Obviously the underlying point of all advertising is to sell, but that doesn’t mean campaigns can’t offer up entertainment too.

Last night Digiday, who are pretty much the authority of digital media, marketing and advertising in the US, paid homage to some of the best video marketing clips of 2015 in Times Square.

Awards-winners vary from the chuckle-worthy to the tear-inducing, while others are just impressively clever.

We decided to showcase five of our favourites. Try not to make too much of a scene at your desk.

The five best winners from the Digiday Video Awards…

“Color For The Colorblind”

The big winner of the evening, Valspar, a paint and coatings company, won Best in Show as well as Best Brand Video for “Color For The Colorblind”.

The series about people living with colorblindness was created with EnChroma, a maker of color blindness-correcting glasses.

Only someone with a heart of stone would fail to mist up watching once “grey” lives transformed on screen. Spine-tingling.

“Save the Bros”

Brand agency Humanaut hits the nail on the head when it comes to tongue-in-cheek humour with its “Save the Bros” campaign.

The company, who took home Best Advertiser in Video for their efforts, devised the ad for Organic Valley to encourage body-builders to drink healthier higher-quality protein shakes.

After all, no-one wants a “total bro colony collapse” – who’d tell us to go big or go home?

“Left Swipe Dat”

This anti-smoking campaign by 72andSunny impressed us with its ingenuity, and earned Digiday’s title of Best Brand Video Series.

The agency was inspired by Tinder for its clever (and surprisingly catchy) music video campaign.

We reckon Americans will definitely see fewer fags popping up in their feeds in the coming months.

Smokin’ with a tiger? Left swipe dat.


As you’ve probably realised, here at The Memo we love celebrating entrepreneurs’ stories, and (hopefully) sharing the inspiration around.

This “Human” series by Uproxx beautifully profiles six very different businessmen, who make everything watches, to motorbikes, shoes and surfboards.

Woven Digital and beer brand Miller Coors, who were behind the series, won Best Multi-Platform Video Campaign for their efforts.

“Parenting Unfiltered”

Another sentimental story, “Parenting Unfiltered” succeeds in reminding mums and dads that they aren’t alone in their struggles, and Something Massive won Best Social Video Campaign for its work for Plum Organics.

Remember parents, there’s no easy way to flush a dead fish down the toilet, and as the ad says: “If it feels like parenting isn’t always perfect: You’re doing it right.”