Watch: Stripe, GoCardless & MarketInvoice founders on how FinTech is changing the world

By Oliver Smith 9 December 2015

The way we manage our money is about to fundamentally shift, The Memo spoke with three men leading that change.

This year GoCardless became Britain’s biggest online Direct Debit provider handling over $1 billion in transactions, MarketInvoice has helped businesses unlock £500m from unpaid invoices in the last four years while Stripe’s payment processing business was valued at $5 billion this year.

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These three companies are changing the way businesses manage their money and at the same time challenging some of the biggest incumbents in the world of financial services.

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with GoCardless founder Hiroki Takeuchi, MarketInvoice co-founder and CEO Anil Stocker and Stripe’s head of UK growth James Allgrove at unBound Digital last week to find out how they are changing finance, why Black Friday was a high street flop and whether big banks are friend or foe.