Future Finance

Future Finance Ep 1: The Blockchain explained (with cake)

By Ben Goldsmith 11 November 2015

In the debut episode of The Memo's video series Future Finance, Ben Goldsmith explores the mysterious world of Bitcoin's blockchain and how it all works.

You might have heard about blockchain, that underlying technology that Bitcoin is built upon, but I’d hazard a guess that most people don’t have a clue how it really works.

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That’s a real shame because blockchain has the potential to revolutionise not just finance, but any industry where data or information has to be safely and securely transferred.

So without further ado here’s Episode 1 of Future Finance: The Blockchain Explained (with cake):

Future Finance is presented by Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co and this month’s episode was kindly filmed at The Collective.

With our thanks to Nicole, Angharad, Oliver and Ramraj for their help with our cake demonstration and to Ferenc Huszar of Balderton Capital and Ken Kappler of Ethcore for their advice on this episode.