Topshop launches first 3D printed accessory pop-up with Wonderluk

By Kitty Knowles 6 November 2015

Topshop: Now you can make everything from jewellery to bow-ties on-demand.

Companies like Converse have long offered products that you can tailor to your personal taste, but for Londoners customisation is blowing up in a whole new dimension.

This week Topshop launched a partnership with 3D printing platform WonderLuk to sell a range of 3D printed accessories – from necklaces and earrings to graphic bow-ties.

Topshop's WonderLuk 3Dprinted jewellery shop. Pic: WonderLuk.

The new pop-up stope is located on the ground floor of Topshop’s Oxford Circus store and will remain open throughout November and December (perfect for Christmas shopping).

“Topshop is one of those high street fashion brands that embrace innovation and technology and they’ve proven that in store with customisable t-shirts, with customisable denim and eyewear,” WonderLuk co-founder Andre Schober told The Memo.

“It’s a logical continuation of what they’ve been doing, to now introduce customisable 3D printed jewellery.”

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Pic: WonderLuk.

The WonderLuk accessory range includes pieces by New York fashion designer Francis Bitonti (the creator of the first 3D printed dress), the Chennai-based Architect studio D-Domain, and British product designer Oliver Smith (whose 3D printed bow ties caused a stir at this year’s BAFTA awards).

Most WonderLuk pieces will be pre-printed and can be bought on the spot, but customers also have the opportunity to customise products in up to eleven colours or three precious metals.  These can then either be collected in store or shipped to their homes at no extra charge.

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Pic: WonderLuk.

Will WonderLuk print on-demand in store?

Eventually WonderLuk hope to be able to print items out physically in store, but this won’t happen for many years yet, says Schober.

“The printing machines that we’re using are professional laser sintering machines and they’re just too big to be brought into store, but all our work is printed in the UK.”

“In the future customers will become part of the creation process, they will be able to customise and personalise their own product digitally in store and take them away there and then, or after a couple of hours.”

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Colourful WonderLuk rings on display. Pic: Appear Here.

The ethical choice

Picking up a piece of jewellery from WonderLuk isn’t just a great gift, but is good for your conscience, say Schober.

“3D printing helps us to reduce the waste in fashion, to react even quicker to consumer trends, to make products there and then, and obviously to give customers the ultimate freedom of creation and power to co-design.”

“It’s actually perfectly fitted for the fashion industry but in areas such as clothing or shoes it might still take a little while until we see really beautiful, desirable, and wearable products.”

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WonderLuk founders Andre Schober and Roberta Lucca in Topshop. Pic: Appear Here.

Meeting the talent

WonderLuk encourages designers to introduce themselves to the team, as the company is always looking out for new talent.

“For us it’s more than just a store, it’s our experimental hub in the West End and were using it very much to reach out to new design talent and to anyone interested in the technology.”

“We want to meet new suppliers, partners, investors, and media. It’s a hub for us to meet great creative people.”

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Pic: Appear Here.

Visit the WonderLuk pop-up shop on the ground floor of Topshop, 214 Oxford Street. Open Mon-Sun until the Sunday 27 December.