Meet Vibease Fantasy, the iTunes of erotica

By Kitty Knowles 24 August 2015
50 Shades of Grey film. Pic: Universal

Soon you could sync your vibrating bluetooth sex toy to hundreds of erotic e-books. Saucy.

Having launched last summer (after a successful round of crowdfunding in 2013), Vibease Fantasy is fast becoming the go-to destination for erotica fans and writers alike.

The platform, which is designed to sync up with a high-tech vibrating sex toy by bluetooth, has garnered the approval of over 120,000 users, who together, have downloaded over 500,000 audio book “fantasies” so far.

Long distance couples can even get involved, and control their partner’s vibrator through their phone from afar.

And the adult service is showing no signs of slowing down: in recent months it has grown to feature 20 e-books, and it is projected to feature over 100 stories by the end of the year.

This morning, The Memo spoke to Vibease Fantasy founder Hermione Way to find out more about the so-called “iTunes of erotica”.


Kitty Knowles: What motivated you to create Vibease Fantasy?

Hermione Way: When Fifty Shades Of Grey sold $1.5bn worth of books, we really knew that erotica had gone mainstream: it’s not just for weirdos and creeps.

The erotica world is very fragmented, so we wanted to create a destination brand where anyone could go to get good erotica, an iTunes for erotica.

So how do people use Vibease Fantasy?

The Vibease Fantasy marketplace is an app where owners of the Vibease hardware [a pink vibrator] can download erotic audio books. When the story gets more intense so does the vibration.

Our vibrators are hands free, so you can be anywhere, pop your headphones in, with Vibease between you legs, and make your day a bit more exciting.

We have featured writers, we have a top ten, we have spotlighted writers. We’re really looking to become like Amazon where customers can do reviews and build out the platform that way.

And what do erotic writers get out of being on Vibease Fantasy?

The number one issue erotic authors are facing is how to get paid for their work.

Vibease takes 30% of every paid download, while 70% goes straight to the authors and our authors choose how much their stories are worth.

So if they’re a pretty big name they could be selling their stories at £5 or £10 per download, while newer writers could sell their story at 99p. There’s no other platform that really lets the writers put the price point on their content.

We’re now receiving about 10 submissions a week.

What challenges have you faced publishing explicit content online?

Apple have really tight guidelines, and when it comes to sex iTunes is very conservative so you have to be careful, or else they will ban your app.

It’s been a process of trial and error with Apple to get different content up on our platform, we are trying to get more and more stuff up, but we have had some push back…

What sets you apart as an erotic platform?

The main thing is that we have a piece of hardware that works in sync with the content. Some sex toy companies are starting to think about long distance, but no one is really thinking about the content side.

We encourage the authors to narrate their own stories. If you listen to an to an audiobook that hasn’t been narrated by the author, it can sound a bit robotic and sterile and awkward.

Also most vibrators that you find on the high street are inspired by the porn industry and are not customisable; with Vibease the technology we use is fully customisable.

Our technology can remember the vibrations patterns that you like if you want it to; we have a catalogue of settings that you can use; or you can use the vibrator without audio however you want to control it.

What lies ahead?

Eventually we want every vibrator manufacturer to to plug into our platform, so you could have a Jimmy Jane or a Rampant Rabbit and they would have Vibease bluetooth technology inside so you could access our content.

We’re definitely looking forward to virtual reality too, and to more devices for men and for women. (Overall our customers are around 60% women 40% men, but we’re working on a few products for men, including a smart cock ring).

We’re also speaking to a few VR companies at the moment; with Vibease couples could be immersed as characters in the story, hooked up to suitable devices that could put out the physical elements long distance.

We might even eventually move into the fertility space, because a lot of women would benefit from knowing when their vagina is right for conception. We could measure temperature, moisture and acidity to let you know when you are most fertile.

Featured image: 50 Shades of Grey film. Pic: Universal