AppyParking determined to become the Uber of parking

By Oliver Smith 17 August 2015
Pimlico Plumbers
Photo from Pimlico Plumbers.

Turning paying for parking spaces into a one click feature AppyParking's new app hopes to save Brits both cash and time by simplifying parking.

London parking app AppyParking, which helps you find parking spots in the city, just finished a trial with Vodafone and Pimlico Plumbers to test “one click parking” in Westminster.

The experiment of AppyParking’s new app, dubbed the Uber of parking, worked by using data from sensors already built into Westminster’s parking bays to show Pimlico Plumbers where the best spaces were available.

The plumbers then simply park in the free spot, press a button in the app to start paying and were charged once they drive away, paying only for the exact amount of time they spend parked.

By paying only for the exact amount of time they stay parked Pimlico Plumbers estimated one click parking could save its business £100,000 a year.

While AppyParking currently only offers information on where to park, in September Hubert is launching a brand new app with one click parking built in and hopes that he can get Westminster along with other local councils to sign up and offer the service through his app.

“We’re going to be adding Visa payments for parking as well as a marketplace for any kind of parking possible, whether that’s on street or off street,” AppyParking CEO Dan Hubert told The Memo.

The next version of AppyParking (which will be an update to the existing app) will also be available for drivers internationally Hubert revealed, although he declined to reveal which cities it will launch in.

“This Uber-style service means we can literally make parking feel as if it never happened and everyone can get on with the more important things in life,” he said.