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Use HowLongToReadThis to pick the perfect book for you business trip

By Kitty Knowles 14 August 2015
Book on beach. Pic: iStock

This website works out how long it will take you to read your book and can suggest reading material that fits your timeframe: a handy tool for long-haul flights

Whether you’re jetting round the world for business, or preparing for a well-earned holiday, reading is a great way to pass the time spent in strange airport lounges. But what book to take?

A seemingly breezy novella might not be the quickest read if the language is complex, the paragraphs are dense and the text is tiny. Similarly, you could whizz through that weighty-looking hardback in half the time you expected, leaving you to twiddle your thumbs until take-off.

Now however, you can choose to read material that fits your timeframe perfectly, using the website

The search engine, which stores data on over 12m books, can be used to find out how long it will take to read a particular novel, taking into account both the total number of words and the time it takes you to read a sample of that particular publication.

It can also be used to reverse-search, where users can look up novels that they will be able to complete in a particular amount of time.

As you head out on your summer holidays, don’t find yourself bored in an airport again. (Sadly we can’t help you if your flight gets delayed).