A quarter of London’s tech businesses still don’t have women on their boards

By Oliver Smith 15 June 2015
Women in business

Every FTSE 100 British business has women represented at board-level, but 23% of London's tech businesses lack any female board members.

Diversity remains a challenge on the boards of London’s digital businesses.

Nearly one in four tech businesses (23%) in the capital have no female board members, and 15% of these businesses employ no women at senior management level.

The figures, from private sector group Tech London Advocates, show that London’s technology sector is faring worse than most large public companies.

There are currently no all-male boards in the FTSE 100, and women account for over 23.5% of board members in these businesses.

The FTSE 250 counts 23 businesses (9.2%) with all-male boards, still far fewer than the 23% of tech businesses highlighted by TLA’s report.

Tech sexism

As our associate editor Molly Flatt reported from the Infotech conference in Poland, everyday sexism in tech is alive and well.

“There is a greater proportion of women in the House of Lords than British tech companies,” commented Baroness Lane-Fox, co-founder of

“We must accept the scale of this problem and work together to put women at the heart of the technology sector. Mobilising a currently unused resource will have huge benefits for the digital industry, the economy and UK PLC [public limited companies].”