7 brands that have shamelessly jumped on a tube strike gimmick

By Kitty Knowles 9 January 2015
London tube strike

From Sure to Walls: the brands that are benefitting from your curmudgeonly commute.

Editor’s note: This article was posted during the last series of Tube Strikes. We hope it provides comfort to those affected by today’s transport woes and we don’t see more shameless social media marketing this time around…

As you sweatily speed walk across the city this morning, marketing teams across the capital are high-fiving over their latest win: shamelessly jumping on the back of the tube strike in the name of brand promotion.

They have been sneaking uninvited into our social media feeds of transport woe, and appropriating the #tubestrike conversation to push much needed perspiration-products, cool beverages and treats. Tourism outlets have been torturing us with wish-you-were-here style holiday getaways, while alternative travel companies are competing to win over new audiences in the absence of The Underground.

These gimmicks may be clever, and yes, they probably do pay off, but as a consumer, and a social-media user, I wish they would stop.

This advertising is particularly irritating as it assumes that audiences won’t notice the blatant bandwagon-jumping marketing that is taking place. This approach can, has, and will continue to grow, as companies latch on to whatever topic happens to be trending, regardless of its connection to their product.

Here are 7 of the worst offenders we’ve spotted so far:



Thanks Sure, I didn’t need your reminder about pit-stains as I stood on a cramped bus with my head nestled into someone else’s perspiring crook. A valiant effort ad-wise, but no brand of deodorant could make this situation pleasant.



Walls, yes people across the capital are hot and bothered. Yes, the thought of indulging in a cooling sweet popsicle of some kind makes us begin to dribble. What you don’t realise is that because of the tube strike, we are all running about half an hour late already. Stopping for a Twister is not an option. (Unless you are some lucky, creative sort who’s been gifted the chance of working from home)


Anyone else not know how they're going to get home today?! #TubeStrike

Posted by Walt Disney Studios on Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Disney, some character in one of your films, did or said something that is loosely related to a mode of transport. This is not an excuse to use the tube strike hashtag. Don’t dilute our outlet of grief with mind-numbing Disney-twee.



To be fair CityMapper, you know I love you for all the times you’ve helped me to avoid the rain on a night out (and seen me safely home again). But now is not the time to promote your services.

At best, the route you suggest will likely be mildly less aggravating than the journey I intended to take (because no route is stress-free on tube strike day).

At worst, due to your popularity, there’s a high chance you’ll end up funnelling all the tech sorts to work in one giant, testy cattle herd. This is not something to be proud of.


We'll be doing our best to get Londoners from A-B during the #TubeStrike, which starts from 6pm today.Do reach out to us on Twitter @HailoLondon or via Facebook if you need a hand.

Posted by Hailo on Wednesday, 8 July 2015


As the ad states: rail replacement is just two steps away. So is slow crawling traffic and a market of users battling it out for a cab.



Stop relishing in the fact our commute will take longer today, Foosle Jobs. At this point we’re in no mind to celebrate going to our current job, let alone looking for a new one.



Innocent should know that it’s quirky upbeat sales patter is completely at odds with the annoying reality of a tube strike. To correct their table: there are no pros to this situation. (Apart from, for the strikers, if their action pays off). As famously said by the headmaster in The History Boys: you can’t polish a turd.

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